Psychiatrist knits anatomically correct woolly brain

check this out :

Psychiatrist knits anatomically correct woolly brain

This relates to the ancient art of tapestry as information system, doesn’t it? What other information in fabric ideas are possible? Could a knitted object be both functional as clothing and carry elaborate information? Sure why not; think reindeer sweater. But….. Let’s say you’re going for a walk in a special place… maybe Harvard Square, maybe the Library of Congress, maybe the Mall of America… Can you put on your knitted sweater/shirt which has a map of the place woven on the sleeve. Would someone buy a sweater that the wearer can use to have relevant local information placed so that the wearer herself can see the info at a glance. This is different than projecting a Tommy Hillfiger logo out to the world from your chest, from which point is invisible to you without a mirror – and useless to boot.

Why not carry important information embedded durably into the fabric of your clothing where it’s convenient for YOU to see it? Such information would be facing you, and illegible to others, unless they looked hard and long. Embed the information in a decorative shape, upside-down, on your right and left sleeves. Then, from the point of view of the 3rd party, a casual glance would reveal only the shape to the mind of the casual observer. However, you – the wearer – looking down at your sleeves could easily perceive and use the information stored there. What would be useful on the sleeves of a fall sweater or knitted shirt? maybe…

* Small images of birds and their names for bird-watchers.

* A map of  your college  campus buildings and important phone numbers & websites, for incoming freshmen.

* A selection of jokes that you like to tell, so that you tell them correctly, this time.

* A map of World’s End for hikers, to be sold at the entrance to the park,  or any park

* A list of songs pre-arranged in sets for band members

* A map of the golf course on which you will play

* The rules of Scrabble for gamers for those winter evening competitions

* The names and birthdays of your family & friends

* A shopping list of what we usually buy at the food store

* The phone numbers and take-out menus of your favorite restaurants.

* A map of the aisles in a supermarket, such as Whole Foods, Walmart (dang! where are the light bulbs in this damn store)

* Images and pictures created by your favorite artists

* A map of Disneyworld for vacationers who go there, any tourist destination

* The train schedule for the commuter rail line that you ride.

* A map of the MBTA/Regional transit lines and their stations.

* Calendars for this year 2009, and the next six years after that.

* Calendar of the phases of the moon for this year and the next 6 years after that

* Tide charts for fishermen to wear on fishing trips

* A map of the I-95 and other major east coast highways (long and skinny) for long distance driving.

* A map of a congressional district for political organizers

* The names of the players on the Red Sox for accuracy in Sports conversations.

* The upcoming schedule of the New England Patriots football team !!

* All the prayers and responses needed for a church service for churchgoers.

* A vocabulary list of Spanish language numbers and basic words for a traveler.

* The cell phone numbers of everybody I want to call, or might need to call.

* A new year’s resolution to remind the weak-willed, memory-challenged self-improvement buffs.

* The main categories of the Dewey decimal system for librarians and book-shelvers.

* The names of your distant relatives, whom you see infrequently, for a family party.

* The names of participants in the wedding party for a long lasting gift.

* The names of all your neighbors and their children, in case of a conversations that occur when you go for a walk. 1 sweater for each neighborhood.

* Word lists to memorize for spelling bees

* The correct definitions for words that get frequently misused, maybe by you.

* The correct spellings of commonly misspelled words

* The basic rules of grammar for writers

* The personal identity info and emergency contact numbers to be worn by someone with alzheimers.

* Ditto for children

* A list of my previous failures, to remind myself to avoid repeating mistakes, again. (at least the major ones might fit)

Can you add any creative or useful ideas for information knitted into the sleeves of your clothing?


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