How will you “say” 2010 in the new year? (Poll)

Will you say “Two Thousand Ten”?

Will you say “Twenty Ten”?


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5 Responses to “How will you “say” 2010 in the new year? (Poll)”

  1. institutrice Says:


    Please, no more butchering our number system with “Two Thousand AND Nine”!!!

  2. jayfulton Says:

    Institutrice, I agree. Forgive the situation, please. People, even people with massive amounts of education, speak differently than they write. Thank you for posting. I’ll be listening, and will report back what I hear people saying.

  3. jayfulton Says:

    Ok, since it’s a holiday I listened to some radio shows this morning. The air talent on wbur on three occasions were using the full “two thousand ten”, but one announcer on the BBC world new broadcast cleary said “twenty ten”

  4. jayfulton Says:

    Well, on the show “Coast to Coast AM”, I noticed that host Ian Punnett deliberately said the year both ways, Twenty-Ten and Two Thousand Ten. Not many poll respondents yet, so we don’t have a big sample. It looks like there’s no clear trend in speech yet.

  5. jayfulton Says:

    OK, I listened to a very similar discussion as this thread, in which one person claims that they’ve been saying

    Two K One
    Two K Two
    Two K Nine
    Two K Ten

    I never though of that

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