1 year later…

So it has now been a year since my friend Tuck passed away. Here we are in October 2014.

I’d like to reveal to you that Tuck was the first person to whom I revealed my doubts about the traditional ‘God’ beliefs. We were both Catholic kids from St. Mary’s parish in Hanover, MA. For a brief time there, I served as president of our CYO there; maybe it was ’63. I graduated in ’64 from high school. We shared a lot. We shared the neighborhood of West Hanover, the railroad tracks, the swimming hole, the cast of characters, sleepovers, an interest in science, friends, first cars, Beatles albums and a love of reading. Our fathers were both WWII vets, who were limping under the burdens of their wartime experience. Our mothers shared that difficult experience, as so many women do, even today. We had common ground. He chuckled at my ability to make friends easily, even with strangers. I was in awe of his towering intellect, his deep perceptions, his quick wit. Friends.

By the early 70’s, I was pretty sure that faith in the God concept was a shared cultural delusion, sometimes useful, sometimes not. I let him know.

He asked me questions, as friends do, but he never took sides in the God No-God debate. He was respectful. The last time we talked, we discussed it, the “after life.” Could there actually be life after death? He winked at me and said, “I’ll let you know.”

The good thing is that I still have the memories. The other thing is that there has been no contact from the beyond. Unless, of course, one considers the paths of the past, the echoes of experience resounding in my head.

The evidence to this point is that there is no after life. You damn well better make this world a better place for our community and our children, and do it now. This life is your chance. Do the important things; don’t wait.

If something changes, and I learn something different about the after life, I’ll let you know.


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