About Jay Fulton

Jay FultonJay Fulton ( John K Fulton ) was born in Boston, Massachusetts, attending elementary school in Roxbury’s Mission Hill neighborhood. He attended High School in Hanover, Massachusetts. He took classes at Massasoit College, University of Massachusetts (Boston), Northeastern University, and Harvard Extension school. He graduated in 2003 from the University of Phoenix; his degree is in e-business. He worked at 34 jobs until starting a 20 year stretch at a major entertainment company, specializing in programming, systems analysis and network operations.

He is a lifelong student of everything, perhaps unable to make up his mind about which facet of the jewel of life is the most fascinating. He is guilty of reading too much, taking up blogging and still goes to the library to get books to read.

Jay loves language study, and even likes to learn computer languages. His primary language is American English, with secondary language Spanish. He attended the 100th anniversary of the London Esperanto Club; Esperanto is a language he has enthusiastically never yet mastered.

He has been married since the last Thursday in August of 1969 to an artist who hand-crafts beautiful, non-posable fairies. He has one son whom he loves, one wife whom he loves, a web of treasured friends whom he loves, an extended family whom he loves, and 10,000 things he wants to learn before he passes away in the late 21st century. Jay is a Kurzweil-style singularitarian, who hopes to discover personally the wonders of the next 50 years. He finds it puzzling that so few people want to learn computer programming. He enjoys using the technologies of the web: html, Perl, php, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, .NET, Lotus Script, Unix & Linux shell scripting.

Jay loves to listen to music and plays the guitar with great mediocrity, a characteristic that does not discourage him at all. Singing & whistling spontaneously got him into trouble several times. He is very aware of his serious lack of perfection, and has a bunch of regrets, which remind him of his opportunities for improvement.  He walks a lot. He makes his home in North Yarmouth, Maine, near Portland.

Jay thinks that not everything old is good, and not everything new is bad. It’s time to reconsider everything. Let’s test the old assumptions of truth and strive for reasonable actions among all humans, avoiding extremism and violence.

He remembers you, and never forgot your kindness.



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